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AI Leadership With NVIDIA DGX

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Driving AI Innovation Across Industries

AI initiatives at the forefront of innovation—and shattering world records—are built on the NVIDIA DGX™ platform. Leading organizations across industries use DGX to achieve unmatched time to value for AI investments.


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Global Telcos


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Global Pharmas


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Global Car Manufacturers


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Consumer Internet Companies


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U.S. Government Institutions


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Global Universities

What Benefits Are Customers Experiencing?

Unlocking Researchers' Potential With Generative AI

Terray Therapeutics employs generative AI to speed small-molecule drug development. They trained chemistry foundation models using NVIDIA DGX Cloud, achieving over a 4X improvement in infrastructure utilization compared to alternate cloud services.

Faster Time to Market for Modern Applications

RingCentral delivers real-time, high-accuracy transcriptions to millions of video conference users. They’re able to easily scale and support various accents and domains and have reduced the word error rate (WER) by over 10 percent.

Improved Customer Experiences With AI

Domino's Pizza leverages massive amounts of data to improve the customer experience. By iterating on AI models faster, they've boosted predictions for order readiness from 75 percent to 95 percent.

Performance Matters

Powering the World’s Most Advanced Supercomputers

Twenty two of the world’s most powerful supercomputers in the TOP500 and Green500 are built on the NVIDIA DGX platform. These enterprises have used DGX to scale up massive supercomputing infrastructure in just weeks.

Shattering World Records

NVIDIA DGX systems continue to set AI performance records in MLPerf ¹—a set of benchmarks that measure machine learning training performance across a diverse set of use cases.

1 See for more info.

Raising the Bar for AI Infrastructure

Organizations have used NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ to build the largest and most powerful AI supercomputers in the world—ranking in the TOP500 and Green500 and including the ones NVIDIA uses for our own research.

End-to-End Services That Speed the ROI of AI

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Maximize the Value of Your DGX Platform

NVIDIA DGX Platform Enterprise Support Services provide you with comprehensive system support and access to services for both your NVIDIA DGX hardware and NVIDIA Base Command™ and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software that come with every DGX system. This also includes system software, optimized AI libraries, world-class cluster management, robust job scheduling, and workload orchestration—all based on an enterprise support service-level agreement (SLA).

Accelerate Time to Insight

NVIDIA DGX Professional Services (NVPS) shorten development time frames and generate results quicker. With the expertise that has helped businesses around the world deploy, manage, and support AI infrastructure and applications, the NVPS team brings field-proven know-how to help you achieve a faster return on your AI investment, from concept to ongoing support.

Achieve AI Success Faster

If you don't have a data center or lack the AI expertise to deploy and manage your supercomputing infrastructure, you can take advantage of our DGX-certified managed service partners, our solution delivery providers, and NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center program. NVIDIA DGX-Ready Lifecycle Management can help you stay at the leading edge of AI with simplified acquisition and hassle-free upgrades.

Meet the DGXperts—a Dedicated Resource for DGX Customers

With the NVIDIA DGX platform, you get direct access to an NVIDIA DGXpert. DGXperts are AI-fluent practitioners who have built a wealth of experience over the last decade, so they’re uniquely positioned to offer the prescriptive guidance and expertise that can help fast-track AI transformation.

What Customers Are Saying About DGXperts

Explore the DGX Ecosystem

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Streamline AI Deployment and Workflows

The NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program features enterprise-grade MLOps solutions for workflow, cluster management, and scheduling and orchestration, ensuring data science productivity and optimal utilization of AI infrastructure.

Handle Massive Amounts of Data With Powerful Storage Solutions

Leading storage technology partners are qualified to run on NVIDIA DGX systems so you can achieve the highest performance and throughput for your AI workloads.

Get Started on the DGX Platform

Experience the benefits of NVIDIA DGX immediately with NVIDIA DGX Cloud, or procure your own DGX cluster or individual systems with a wide variety of rental and purchase options.