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AI is transforming industries and tackling global challenges. NVIDIA’s robotics solutions are driving this revolution with tools to develop and deploy AI-powered robots, drones, IVA applications, and autonomous machines tailored to meet the needs of multiple industries. They’re powered by generative AI at the edge, scalable software, a modern AI stack, flexible microservices and APIs, production-ready ROS packages, and application-specific AI workflows. From hardware solutions on NVIDIA Jetson™ to software solutions on NVIDIA Isaac™, NVIDIA’s end-to-end robotics platform lets you train, develop, and deploy AI-enabled robots quickly and efficiently, helping you bring your products to market faster. See how easy it is to get started.

NVIDIA Announces Project GR00T Foundation Model for Humanoid Robots

The GR00T general-purpose foundation model will act as the mind of robots, making them capable of learning skills to solve a variety of helpful tasks.

NVIDIA Isaac Taps Generative AI for Manufacturing and Logistics Applications

The robotics platform is adding new foundation models, a robot learning framework, and AI workflow orchestration and robot perception tools.

Explore Our Robotics and Edge Computing Solutions


  • Accelerate robotics with AI—from development to simulation to deployment.
  • Enable key robotic functions: mobility, grasping, and vision.
  • Build robots across industries, including manufacturing, retail, agriculture, logistics, delivery, healthcare, and more.

Edge Computing

  • Bring the power of AI to edge devices and process data at the source.
  • Discover actionable, real-time insights to make better decisions,  improve services, and streamline operations.
  • Improve security and reduce costs through local processing.

Vision AI

  • Uncover real-time, actionable insights through streaming video analytics.
  • Quickly transform data from your AI and IoT devices into valuable insights.
  • Bring visual data and AI together to improve efficiency and safety in multiple industries.

The Latest Industry-Shaping Breakthroughs

NVIDIA Combines Digital Twins With Real-Time AI for Industrial Automation

NVIDIA software — Omniverse, Metropolis, Isaac and cuOpt — combine to create an AI gym where robots, AI agents can work out and be evaluated in complex industrial spaces.

Generative AI Powers Smarter Robots With the NVIDIA Isaac Platform

Boston Dynamics, Collaborative Robotics, Covariant, Sanctuary AI, Unitree Robotics and others are embracing Large Language Models in robotics.

Announcing NVIDIA Metropolis Microservices for Jetson to Speed Edge AI Development

A powerful yet simple API-driven edge AI development workflow is now available with the new NVIDIA Metropolis microservices. 

Amazon Robotics Builds Digital Twins of Warehouses With NVIDIA Omniverse and Isaac Sim

Amazon Robotics is building digital twins of their warehouses using NVIDIA technology to better optimize warehouse design, train intelligent robot assistants, and improve productivity. 

Pegatron Uses Automated Optical Inspection to Streamline Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturer, Pegatron, is using NVIDIA AI and Omniverse™ to digitize their factories. This helps them accelerate factory bring-up, minimize change orders, and optimize operations.

Simulate and Localize a Husky Robot with NVIDIA Isaac

The Husky robot, developed by Clearpath Robotics, is a versatile four-wheeled platform made for indoor and outdoor research use. It is simple to modify by adding other sensors and changing the high-level board. 

Powering Robotics Using NVIDIA Isaac Sim

See how NVIDIA robotics ecosystem partners are using NVIDIA Isaac Sim for their robotics simulation needs.

Build Smarter, Safer Spaces with NVIDIA Metropolis

Discover how Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) is disrupting global industries and creating smart, safer spaces for everyone.

NVIDIA Jetson Orin Powered AI Solutions

Bring your next-generation products to life with the world’s most powerful AI computers for energy-efficient autonomous machines.

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